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Candidates Feed back - Some of many feedbacks !

We are ever so grateful for all candidates who attended our courses and took some time in sending their valuable feedback.


"Excellent Course and it really helped me to pass my PACES at first attempt. Thanks to all tutors and staff who organised such an excellent course"

- Dr.Catherine Walker ( Kent)

" The best course by far!! I am so happy that i passed this difficult exam at last. This was my 3rd attempt and i was exhausted mentally and spent so much money on this courses but PACES4U was the course with out any doubt helped me to pass. Thanks again to wonderful tutors and coordinator"

- Dr.Amy Bennett ( London)

" Thanks for organising this course for us. It was very helpful and Tutors tips were so useful in real exam. Passed my Exam"

- Dr. Ahmed Khazi ( Bury)

" Thanks for helping me in passing PACES exam. Your course was really useful and teaching was really too good. There is no doubt that i would have struggled with out your course. I will recommend happily to my colleagues"

- Dr.Daniel Thomas ( Glasgow)

" I can`t say enough about your exceptionally good course that i attended. More than a course it was a clinical master class ! Just brilliant teaching by all of you. Learned so much more than i bargained for my exam. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to attend and pass my exam"

- Dr. Kirsty Hanning ( Leeds)

" Thanks for your excellent course. Too good and i am glad that i passed my exam with your help. Thanks to all staff for arranging such a nice course"

- Dr.Graham ( Huddersfield)

" I attended your course after recommendation by my friend. I came from Abudabi and i am grateful for all your tutors and staff who were so kind and helpful all the way. I passed my exam at 3rd attempt and this is first time i attended your course and attended lot of other courses in UK for my previous attempts. Your course was simply the best- just what we want to learn to pass. Great , thanks a lot"

- Dr.Shazli ( AbuDabi)

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