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Mock Exam
Mock Exam Fees - £350


May 28th - 2023

Aintree University Hospitals
Elective Care Centre, First Floor
First Avenue, Liverpool

Mock Exam Time Slots

9.00 - 11.00 Exam 1

11.15 - 13.15 Exam 2

14.15 - 16.15 Exam 3

Maximum 15 candidates in a day with 5 in each cycle 

PACES4U is conducting Mock Exam similar to MRCP PACES format.

Please book early as it gets fully booked 3 - 4 weeks before the date.

Covers all stations from 1 - 5
• Same time allocated as in real exam.
• Closely observed and marked by experienced tutors.
• Scored on the marking sheet used in the real exam.
• Feedback with detailed score sheet given to you at the end of exam.
• Places will be very limited due to time factor.
• All cases will be new , no repetition of cases from other courses.

Why Mock Exams ?

  • It is all about practice under similar conditions and to approach the exam with confidence

  • Gives a true reflection of one`s strengths and weakness under pressure of time and expectation of pass

  • Best way of identifying the common and repeated simple mistakes that can be corrected easily​


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